El Espanol Interview Cazando Tendencias (Hunting Trends) Enrique Dans & Narigamba Mwinsuubo

bitland real estate blockchain ghanaBitland is an not-for-profit NGO that uses the blockchain technology to help register the cadastre of land, with a focus on Ghana and African countries. Below an interesting interview by Enrique Dans. A friendly discussion between the representative of Bitland founder (Narigamba Mwinsuubo) about the experiences and developments during a visit and presentation at NetExplo Nomination in France.

El Espanol | Cazando tendencias – “Hunting Trends”

26.02.2016 | Fresh from the annual meeting of Netexplo, it seemed it might be interesting to share some of the trends and innovations that could be seen there.

Netexplo is an independent private observatory created nine years ago, hosted by the French Senate, for his ministry for the Digital Economy – yes, Francia there is a ministry and minister for the digital industry, Axelle Lemaire, in Economy – and HEC Paris, who studies the impact of digital technologies on business and society.

To do this, create a spotter network , a panel of “explorers” formed by professors from universities around the world who work with our students trying to locate leading interesting initiatives that give some visibility and display a network of companies that finance in part the activity.

What was discussed at this year Netexplo?

netexplo france innovation awardsFirst, an important role of blockchain, the system database distributed we have thanks to Bitcoin, and now lives a second wave of popularity as applied to more and more things: Bitland is a startup NGO in Ghana carrying out land registration of real estate in Ghana on block chain in a country with little centralized or state solutions

In this regard, the Israeli Colu, is trying to create an ecosystem of applications on blockchain leading a lowering of the entry barriers of complexity. Blockchain Applications are destined to a much longer life than Bitcoin seems to be quite clear, but now also seems to be entering into a genuine second stage of increasingly imaginative applications.

In addition we saw the first Latin American project that gets a first prize, a Colombian company, IKO Creative Prosthetic Systems designed to create prostheses for children that children themselves can design and integrate into your life and games, using 3D printers and Lego pieces.

netexplo award winner bitlandOf course, robots approaches multiple: drones capable of flying alone because you can see the environment and avoid obstacles, robots redraw and reconfigure themselves depending on their needs, nano-robots moving through our veins, or even an artificial intelligence able to pass with flying colors the entrance examination of the University of Tokyo.

Translation systems P2P for the eleven official languages of South Africa, platforms for work freelance Collaborative evaluation systems, and home to a biotechnology laboratory for bio-hacking.

If you thought you had seen everything in innovation … better look again.

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