Bitland Cadastrals Digital Tokens Prevent Land Title Disputes Safely Sell Purchase Property !!

Bitland Global has issued the World’s FIRST CADASTRAL to represent the Bitland Network ! Bitland Cadastrals Digital Tokens would be the entry token to utilize the Bitland application to subscribe land titles, settle disputes, sell land, purchase property, and issue microloans for commercial development. Support our effort and invest in Bitland CADASTRAL Today ! The … Read more

Cadastral Land Registry News | Ghana Property Rights and Resource Governance Profile USAID

To better understand the situation and problems with Ghana Land Tenure, Ghana Real Estate Registration, Property Rights and Ghana Property Rights Resource Governance we found this PDF article by USAID that better explains the situation in Ghana. GHANA OVERVIEW – Ghana is located on the Guinea Coast of West Africa. Its economy is based on … Read more

El Espanol Interview Cazando Tendencias (Hunting Trends) Enrique Dans & Narigamba Mwinsuubo

Bitland is an not-for-profit NGO that uses the blockchain technology to help register the cadastre of land, with a focus on Ghana and African countries. Below an interesting interview by Enrique Dans. A friendly discussion between the representative of Bitland founder (Narigamba Mwinsuubo) about the experiences and developments during a visit and presentation at NetExplo … Read more

Ghana Real Estate Blockchain Platform Identifies Rural Areas

farmersday ashanti

In Ghana, the Non Governmental Organization (NGO)  called “Bitland” launched in 2015 an eponymous virtual land registry that allows to identify all the populated areas of the country and carry out land transactions. Bitland’s highly effective distributed database ensures reliable storage of GPS coordinates, which creates a high accuracy in the description of these remote … Read more