Insecure Land Tenure Problems Ghana

Over the past decade Bitland Ghana Land Title Protection has made tremendous strides to achieve the Millennium Development Goal. They’ve established diversity, cut the poverty in half, and by 2011 even claim the title of “The Fastest Growing Economy in the World.

However there are four major constraint standing in the way of further growth:

  • Access to credit
  • Supply of electric power
  • Access to potable water
  • Secure land rights.. That’s right !

Securing land rights is comparable to potable water and so far as overall development is concerned. Let’s explore how that’s possible.

Insecure Land Tenure Ghana for farmers

If you’re a farmer in Ghana insecure land tenure Ghana means that you’re less likely to invest in your land which affects your prospects in the long run. For example where you would otherwise adopt new technology to make your work process more efficient you will simply make do with more unproductive methods, knowing full well that you aren’t acting in your best interests.

Insecure land tenure also directly hinders land distribution of every kind. for example as a household with lots of resources you may want to expand your business into neighboring area. However if the second household doesn’t have secure landholding; no transaction can take place. Additionally even though the rental market is really important to the Canadian economy; without clear tenure you may want to think twice about who you rent to or from (in Ghana).

And finally, land security effects growth by deterring foreign investment and business operations. A smart investor looking to expand their business may recognize the vast opportunities in Ghana. But without securing land tenure large-scale capital investment we become too risky adventure.

For Ghanaians this means that

  • Jobs don’t get created
  • Infrastructure doesn’t get built
  • New technologies don’t get introduced and so on.

we believe that the best defense against these abuses and inefficiencies is when people on the ground clearance secure rights to their land.

Bitland is a decentralized digital land registry that uses the blockchain for authentication. It allows users to surveil and manage deeds and titles perform transactions and record information in a way that is immutable, transparent and immediately available for public record. Best of all, Bitland is government compliant and ready for integration.

With mass adoption land tenure will no longer be a prime inhibitor to economic growth and local and international investors will be able to start reaping the benefits of the rich opportunities that Ghana has to offer.